Discover Church


Have you ever had something in your life that just wouldn't die? Maybe a certain way of thinking or your self-perception? Have you ever had a habit that just wouldn't go away? Maybe it's an addiction that just won't let go? Be a part of DC for this special series and get the freedom in your life you've been looking for! It's time for to kill some things in your life that just wouldn't die!

Fall Festival

It’s that time of year and DC is celebrating with the Fall Festival. Tons of fun with games, face painting prizes and more. Lots of special foods to eat and way too many laughs to share for kids and adults alike. Be a part of DC for this special event on Sunday, Oct. 26 th immediately after the Sunday morning service. It’s all free and you’re invited!

Discover Church

It's our mission, and we are passionate about it. We believe God has an imagined life for every person that is filled with purpose, provides fulfillment and gives that ultimate feeling of love and acceptance. That is a God imagined life!

Online Giving

Don't carry cash? Haven’t used a checkbook in a while? No problem, starting March 1, 2013 you can give online to DC! Just click on the “Give” menu and select the Give Money button. It’s that simple and you’ll be able to give via computer, tablet or even your smart phone.
We’re helping you Discover a God imagined life in 2013