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DC Easter Sunday Service

Easter is just around the corner and you're invited. Did you see our article in a local newspaper or on Facebook? If so, you're invited to Discover Church this Easter weekend and discover what God has imagined for you, your family and your circle of influence!

Sunday, April 20th at 10:30am
LCCC/Spitzer Center - 1005 Abbe Rd N, Elyria

Empty Pt 1 – Empty Cross
Jesus was forced to carry an empty cross...but not alone. One man was pulled from the crowd and forced to carry something he never planned on. Is there an empty cross in your life? What does it represent for you? And what might God be asking you to carry in your life — maybe something you never planned on?

Discover Church

It's our mission, and we are passionate about it. We believe God has an imagined life for every person that is filled with purpose, provides fulfillment and gives that ultimate feeling of love and acceptance. That is a God imagined life!

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Don't carry cash? Haven’t used a checkbook in a while? No problem, starting March 1, 2013 you can give online to DC! Just click on the “Give” menu and select the Give Money button. It’s that simple and you’ll be able to give via computer, tablet or even your smart /> We’re helping you Discover a God imagined life in 2013

Yevette's Story

Yvette's Story (short) from Discover Church on Vimeo.