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Happiness for Dumbies

People just want to be happy. We work hard so we can have time off to be happy. We search hard for the right relationship so we can be happy. We look to the future and dream about being happy. But despite our best efforts, being HAPPY is still elusive to many. Discover Church takes a hard look at what being happy means, how to experience it and how to live it.

Vision 2020

If we could peer into the future and imagine what Discover Church would look like – what would we see? What would the DC community look like? Who would we connect with? How would we have arrived? What would the costs be in money – in service – in sacrifice?

Discover Church

It's our mission, and we are passionate about it. We believe God has an imagined life for every person that is filled with purpose, provides fulfillment and gives that ultimate feeling of love and acceptance. That is a God imagined life!

Online Giving

Don't carry cash? Haven't used a checkbook in a while? No problem, you can give to DC online! Just click on the "Give" menu and select the "Give Money" button. It's that simple and you'll be able to give via computer, tablet or even your smart phone.

Carlos' Story

Carlos' Story Pt 1 from Discover Church on Vimeo.